I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about social media, how we use it and how we feel about it. We talked about how much misinformation and harmful content we are exposed to and how necessary it is to filter out rubbish. We discussed how difficult it can be to be exposed to toxic views held by those we know personally. We observed, that in our everyday lives we categorise friends and family. For example, there are those we choose to share…Continue Reading “Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Rape Culture is a term used to describe the normalisation of sexual violence against women. It’s in the everyday misogynistic language that objectifies women and refuses to hold men’s behaviour to account. It’s  the way boys are mean to girls in the playground and the girl is usually told, ” don’t worry about it he’s only doing that because he likes you,” it’s how her discomfort is dismissed and his behaviour appeased. It’s the way mothers teach us to cover our breasts and not wear short…Continue Reading “WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT CONSENT”

What a time to be alive and a black woman. 2016 and 2017 have been phenomenal years to grow up and see the Black Girl Magic that had been suppressed by white supremacist systems. Naturally, we celebrate when good things happen to other black women. We’ve had the honour of witnessing two greats (Serena Williams and Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter) creating life and doing it in the most fabulous ways. While we were celebrating with them others were criticising how a black woman who openly admitted…Continue Reading “Keep Beyoncé’s name out of your dirty mouths!”

I hope you sang the title to the melody of, “Uptown Funk”- Bruno Mars or “All Gold Everything”- Trinidad James if you didn’t, go back and reread it to either one of those tunes. This weekend we have seen temperatures sore up to 32 degrees and it’s the sticky, humid kind of heat. Not the holiday sunshine that comes with a breeze. My point is, it’s fucking hot. That maddening kind of heat that makes you want to fight mother nature. Despite this, people still…Continue Reading “Don’t police me, Just watch!”

I remember being my 2nd year at uni and being shocked when I received the highest mark in the class for a short story I’d written. (You can read it here- https://flightjournal.org/2015/11/29/not-today-ruvimbo-maria-kuuzabuwe/ ) My lecturer was surprised that I was shocked and he asked me why. I didn’t know why then but if he were to ask me today I’d tell him I was surprised because I never thought of myself as a writer, I just wrote. I’d tell him I did myself a disservice by…Continue Reading “A Mantra for Dreamers”