As an African woman, hair is an aesthetic of identity; it connects me to my roots and it is politicised. This post isn’t about the historical, political or cultural significance of black women’s hair. It’s about my relationship with my hair. Despite not having an emotional attachment to my hair, I do have a personal and intimate relationship with it. I love experimenting with different hairstyles. Some styles are nostalgic and purposeful while others are accidental. I find the hours I spend changing from one style to another…Continue Reading “A Hair in the Life of Ruvimbo”

Finding the perfect balance between fashionable and functional in winter is a chore but this outfit was effortless. The fashion Gods banded together and sent me gems that fit together seamlessly. Exaggerated mesh sleeve jumper– H&M (Similar here I can’t find this item online but I bought it in store just last week so it should still be in stock. Patent A-line skirt- New Look  I bought the skirt last week Thursday so it’s definitely still in stock. I just can’t find the link online. Topshop…Continue Reading “AW17: Baby it’s cold outside”

A simple black bodysuit and a pair of high waisted jeans brought to life with simple accessories.   Jeans– New Life Charity Cannock Shopping in charity shops is such a guilt-free experience. New Life is a great place for shopping if you have time. High Street stores such as, New Look, River Island and Primark donate excess clothes from previous seasons there. Details Snake print bag- Finery London This gorgeous bag with chain link strap comes with another leather bowling bag in a rich green colour….Continue Reading “Detail is everything”

Getting the perfect dewy look is so difficult when you have sensitive and combination skin. Combination means my skin is both oily and dry in different areas. I can’t wear foundation because I’ve reacted to every single brand I’ve used. I went into Bodyshop and bought their Instaglow CC cream in Warm Glow. This is honestly the best product I’ve found for my skin. It gives you that dewy look without feeling heavy or looking oily.   For the glossy lids, I used my Crown Palette for the…Continue Reading “Summer Glow”

Putting together an outfit for a festival is so difficult. Trying to find the perfect combination of practical yet playful is the biggest chore! 5 questions to ask yourself when deciding what to wear to a festival Is it versatile enough to work with any weather? How easy will it be for me to go to the bathroom? (or bushes ’cause they’re probably cleaner than the toilets) Will I be comfortable? Do I feel good in it? Do I mind getting these shoes dirty?  Day…Continue Reading “Festival Fever”

Remember when shopping in charity shops used to be embarrassing? I am a sucker for a bargain and I’m so glad I’ve outgrown that stage of being embarrassed to shop 2nd hand. You really do find some amazing pieces. As the great Badu said, “my dress ain’t cost nothing but $7, but I made it fly.” Coat: thrifted £2.99 Dungarees: New Life- £6.99 Mules: New look- £19.99 Bag: It was a gift and it hasn’t got a label T-shirt: American Apparel- £3.00   Details