Being myself

The multiplicity of my identity creates different textures, timbres and layers of my being. Sometimes, these differences create discord between the world and I and other times they create harmony.

Being in the world.

As I grow, I am becoming more aware of my existence not just as myself but as a member of society, who occupies many positions within the world.

I feel it important to critically examine and interrogate my own thoughts, feelings and actions in relation to the world around me.

I do not exist in a vacuum. I exist among others, for others and with others.

Being comfortable in my skin

I debated using the above image because I had a heat rash. The thought of posting my imperfect skin made me nervous and I even thought about photoshopping it. It’s ironic how the universe decided to test just how comfortable I was accepting my flawed self.

Being Honest

Being is reserved for sharing my journey through life.

I will be unapologetic, I will be true to myself but most importantly I will be myself.

Disclaimer: For those who know me personally, anything you say can and will be used against you.