Ruvimbo Maria Kuuzabuwe

Blogger, storyteller, reluctant academic and procrastinator.

I am a 23-year-old graduate in Creative Writing and Philosophy from Manchester Metropolitan University. I have recently completed a Masters in Gender, Sexuality and Culture at the University of Manchester.  I was born in Zimbabwe and I lived in a small town called Chegutu, until the age of 7 when I moved to the United Kingdom.

I am also a cis-gendered black woman, refugee, intersectional feminist and a diasporan or “Zim-Brit” as my parents like to say. The list is endless but the point is, these descriptors highlight the complexities of my identity. The nuances of my existence offer multiple lenses to view the world and ultimately inform the ways in which I navigate through it. These lived experiences lead me to develop a means to use my passions as mediums to convey these multiple realities.

I created this blog to share my experiences. I wanted to create a platform that gave me the freedom to be my authentic self. encompasses the compartments that make me who I am allowing me to share my interests with anyone who feels drawn to it.

I hope you enjoy my content.


Ruvimbo xo.



34 thoughts on “Introducing

  1. Beautiful ruvimbo l really enjoyed reading about you and who you are , well done , you are such a beautiful gal who has passion with what you know best , the sky is the limit and looking forward to hear more about your life experience hun

  2. Congratulations muzukuru on the occasion of your blog launch. I look forward to all future posts with keen anticipation.

  3. I am so impressed and proud of you my sister.I will be waiting to hear and red more about how you will continue to explore on your 5 said categories

  4. This is great Ruvimbo I also happen to be a fan of the feminist and criticalist philosophy . Therefore I will be watching with great keen interest to your coming posts. Keep it up Vimbo

  5. Ruvimbo – I met you a few times, but I was amzed by your style, your confidence and your unique smile. I must say, you were defintely one of the most “fun” people i’ve met in my life. Keep it up <3

  6. Well done my daughter, have enjoyed reading your introduction and am looking forward for more stuff. Go girl the sky is the limit.

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